aboutThe company “DeMill” Ltd. was founded in 1991.
We are engaged in the import-export business as a merchant in wholesale and commission agent in the wood industry.

Within the wood industry, do chemical products, a variety of board materials, OSB, MDF, plywood, panels for doors, panels for concrete formwork, Formwork, veneers, flooring, paneling, Russian sawn wood.


Our offer


Layered panels. They are produced by cross-gluing thin layers of veneer made of specific types of trees (hardwood and / or softwood).

Products of Russians coniferous species endemic Siberia

Wood flooring, Paneling, decking, processed elements, beams, glued elements.

Medium density fiberboard

Fibreboard of medium and high density. They are produced by pressing glued wood fiber (hardwood and / or softwood species).

Door panel

Profiled MDF board (MDF), faced with melamine foil.